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Pro Sports Recreation Shoutbox
Eddie Krueger: He suggested I become friends with you, asked me if you reached out to me through PM, and what our conversations were like. I joked that we were planning to take over the forum. I was being sarcastic and busting his chops, which I explained to him already. Sept 14, 2019 17:28:40 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: It was merely a joke that he didn't appreciate, or maybe even took seriously at that time? IDK, but that's really old news now and don't think it has any bearing on your current relationship with him at all. Just my two cents. Sept 14, 2019 17:38:03 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: LETS GO REDSKINS!!! CLAP _ CLAP_ CLAP-CLAP-CLAP LOL Sept 15, 2019 9:03:20 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: WTF is happening in CINCY? 41 to fucking 10? JC Sept 15, 2019 11:40:51 GMT -8
blue: I am wondering how my Colts could fuck up as many times as they did and win. The Titans are a decent team. Sept 15, 2019 13:01:43 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: Excellent win on the road, Blue. Sept 15, 2019 13:55:29 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: Jacoby Brissett gettin' the job done. Luck who? haha Sept 15, 2019 13:59:05 GMT -8
blue: He is still way to slow in his decision making. Not awful otherwise, but we are not contenders at this point. Not even close. Sept 15, 2019 14:12:12 GMT -8
blue: Well Eddie, after the ridiculous effort and all the mistakes yesterday, the Colts are dead to me this year. Hope they do a 76ers and lose all their remaining games. Sept 30, 2019 4:39:08 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: You're STILL .500 in a league with no clear-cut favorite. I'd say HOU should be that team, but they just lost @ home to a Newton-less CAR team. Sept 30, 2019 17:43:44 GMT -8
blue: While we were missing our best offensive and defensive players, Oakland was short handed too. The ineptitude of the play, particularly in the first half, was stunning. We now have several more players out. KC will score 100. Oct 1, 2019 13:35:38 GMT -8
WereWolve: Chat has gone to hell. It's finally caught up with the real world. Oct 3, 2019 18:33:30 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: TDS (rofl) Oct 4, 2019 17:13:07 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: Sky is falling...haha Oct 5, 2019 13:48:51 GMT -8
I_likes_the_vikes: hey!!.......I just got hit by a cloud Oct 6, 2019 19:43:47 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: Can't say I didn't warn you. Oct 9, 2019 17:38:59 GMT -8
Jancey: You're a lolly Oct 14, 2019 23:35:45 GMT -8
Ron Borges: The New York Knicks are unwatchable Oct 16, 2019 17:36:50 GMT -8
Eddie Krueger: NBA is unwatchable. Oct 17, 2019 18:18:21 GMT -8
I_likes_the_vikes: watches are unwatchable Oct 20, 2019 7:13:44 GMT -8