Brian Baldinger On Brock Purdy: ‘he’s Just Basically Your Average Guy That’s Great At Playing Quarterback’

In less than two years, Brock Purdy has transitioned from being labeled “Mr. Irrelevant” to emerging as a leading contender for the NFL MVP. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is solidifying his status as a genuine force with each victorious performance, notably highlighted by the impressive 42-19 win in Philadelphia last Sunday.

NFL Insider Brian Baldinger, joining “The Morning Roast with Bonta & Shasky” in-studio, shed light on what sets Purdy apart and why he’s proving to be a real deal in the league.

The Unassuming Excellence

Baldinger characterized Purdy as an unassuming individual with exceptional quarterbacking skills. “He’s just your regular guy, looks like a regular guy. You shake his hand, you talk to him,” Baldinger noted. Purdy, despite his unassuming demeanor, has been unflappable since taking over the starting role just over a year ago.

Baldinger recalled a moment before a game where Purdy was casually discussing an ice cream parlor in Ames, Iowa. This level of relaxed confidence is rare in the high-pressure world of professional football, where star quarterbacks typically maintain a focused and intense pre-game demeanor. According to Baldinger, Purdy’s confidence is so unwavering that nothing seems to faze him.

The Playmaking Prowess

Highlighting Purdy’s playmaking ability, Baldinger referenced a touchdown pass to George Kittle from last month. In that play, Purdy executed a pump fake to Brandon Aiyuk before connecting with Kittle for a 66-yard score. While some might attribute the success to a well-designed play, Baldinger credited Purdy’s instincts, stating, “That was just him. That was him going ‘I can really get this safety to bite.’ That was all him.”

Purdy’s on-field decisions and improvisational skills are becoming distinguishing factors that set him apart in a league filled with talented quarterbacks.

Beyond the System Quarterback Label

Despite Purdy’s success, there are still murmurs about him being a “system quarterback,” thriving in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Baldinger dismissed this notion, emphasizing that every quarterback operates within a particular system. He pointed out that Purdy possesses skills that differentiate him from other signal-callers.

Baldinger challenged the common rhetoric, stating, “There are certain cliches that just get tossed around… I hear people saying ‘If you put Mac Jones in this system he’d be successful.’ Alright, I don’t believe you,” adding that Purdy’s field vision and ability to progress through reads set him apart.

Brian Baldinger On Brock Purdy: 'he’s Just Basically Your Average Guy That’s Great At Playing Quarterback'

Reading the Field: Purdy’s Unique Skill Set

The discussion led to the perception of Purdy as more than just a system quarterback. While he may not boast the physical attributes of some other stars in the league, his ability to read the field and quickly progress through his options under center is noteworthy. Baldinger highlighted Purdy’s unique skills, noting, “I don’t think he sees the field the way Brock Purdy sees the field. And I don’t think he can get from his second read to his third read the way Brock Purdy does. He’s reading this stuff on his second step.”

Purdy’s proficiency in making quick decisions and adapting to dynamic game situations is carving out a niche for him among the league’s elite quarterbacks.

The Late-Round Pick with Early Impact

Selected as the final pick in the draft’s seventh round, Purdy may have had to wait, but he wastes no time when it comes to going through his options on the field. Despite his “Mr. Irrelevant” designation, Purdy’s impact on the game has been far from insignificant. His ability to thrive with the offensive weapons around him showcases his football IQ and adaptability.

A Quarterback Beyond the Physical Realm

In assessing Purdy’s trajectory, it becomes evident that he transcends the physical limitations that some may associate with elite quarterbacks. While he may not possess the same physical prowess as certain peers, his mental acuity, field awareness, and decision-making set him on a trajectory to be mentioned among the league’s top quarterbacks.

The Ongoing Narrative

As the NFL season progresses, Brock Purdy’s journey from “Mr. Irrelevant” to MVP contender unfolds as a captivating narrative. The whispers and doubts about him being a system quarterback are gradually fading, replaced by recognition of his unique skill set and on-field impact. The ongoing saga of Purdy’s ascent in the league adds another layer of excitement to an already enthralling football season.

Lessons for Aspiring Defenders

Brock Purdy’s story serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring defenders in football. It underscores the importance of understanding the strategic and mental aspects of the game, showcasing that on-field success goes beyond physical prowess. The ability to read the game, make quick decisions, and adapt to evolving scenarios are becoming defining factors for success in the modern NFL.

Brian Baldinger On Brock Purdy: 'he’s Just Basically Your Average Guy That’s Great At Playing Quarterback'

The Intersection of Sports and Strategy

Purdy’s journey into the spotlight mirrors the broader fascination with the intersection of sports and strategy. His success becomes a testament to the importance of strategic thinking, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence in a highly competitive environment. Beyond the touchdowns and victories, Purdy’s story becomes part of the larger narrative that captivates fans and analysts alike.

Conclusion: A Rising Star in the NFL Galaxy

Brock Purdy’s journey is far from over, and the narrative he’s crafting is becoming increasingly compelling. From being the last pick in the draft to emerging as an MVP favorite, Purdy’s ascent symbolizes the unpredictable and thrilling nature of football. As he continues to prove his mettle on the field, the echoes of “Mr. Irrelevant” are fading, making way for a new designation – a rising star in the ever-dazzling galaxy of the NFL.

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