Adventurous Solo Travel Destinations Around the World, Ranked by Safety

By Scott

1. Iceland

Iceland is a bucket list destination for thrill enthusiasts with limitless hiking, glacier climbing, and volcanic lava flow watching.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand's low crime, friendly population, and well-established tourism industry make it perfect for lone visitors.

3. Japan

Adventure travelers should visit Japan, especially Hokkaido, which may not be on your radar. Japan offers urban and outdoor pleasure.

4. Norway

Norway is one of the most costly countries in the world and has freezing weather and a difficult landscape. This is an outdoor enthusiast's dream.

5. Costa Rica

Ecotourism and biodiversity make it a nature lover's paradise. It has lush rainforests, active volcanoes, and endless beaches.

6. Vietnam

Vietnam, in Southeast Asia, is a cheap adventure location for budget tourists. Its tourism business has grown rapidly, making it more popular over time.

7. Indonesia

Indonesia is full with stunning waterfalls, pink beaches, and amazing animal encounters, from Bali to Flores.

8. Bolivia

Bolivia is a lesser-known adventure travel location in South America. It shouldn't be ignored.

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