Against The Expansion Of International Games, Just One Nfl Team Cast A Ballot

By Scott

This week, NFL team owners agreed to a plan allowing eight games to be played outside the United States each season, starting in 2025.

While the plan got approval from most team owners, Bears owner George McCaskey was the only one who disagreed, according to NFL insider Jonathan Jones of CBS.

In the past, teams could keep four home games safe from international play.

George McCaskey explained that the reduction in protections for home games was his reason for voting "no.

London is a top tourist destination for good reason. It has history, culture, amazing architecture, and shopping.

McCaskey highlighted the excitement around upcoming star players, referring to them as "generational talents" that fans are eager to watch.

McCaskey's explanation brought humor to the discussion, making everyone in the room laugh during the vote.

With the new plan, teams can now protect only two home games from being selected for international play, a significant reduction from the previous allowance.

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