Awesome Exercises To Use As A Bench Press Alternative

1. Dumbbell Bench Press

In multiple respects, the dumbbell bench press is superior to the barbell bench press.

Dumbbell Bench Press

First, it divides each arm, preventing your dominant side from assuming control of the lift.

2. Chest press machine

The chest press machine is an excellent alternative to bench pressing because it safely controls.

Chest press machine

The range of motion and path of the burden while working the same primary upper-body muscle groups.

3. Cable Chest Press

The cable chest press is an effective alternative to the bench press because it involves.

Cable Chest Press

Targeting various pectoral muscle groups while requiring stabilizing muscles to control the movement.

4. Push Ups

Push-ups are the only exercise on this list that do not require any apparatus and can be performed anywhere.

Push Ups

The hands are anchored to the floor, and the resistance is provided by body weight.

5. Dips

Similar to push-ups, dips are a closed-chain upper-body exercise that involve anchoring the wrists and moving the body.


In contrast to the push up, dives require parallel bars or a machine for assistance.

6. Overhead Press

The overhead press is another excellent exercise for building size and improving upper body strength.

Overhead Press

This alternative bench press involves a vertical press rather than a horizontal press.

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