Best Dumbbell Exercises & Workouts

1. Dumbbell Bicep Curls 

Everyone is familiar with the dumbbell bicep curl, and there is a good reason why it is one of the finest dumbbell exercises. 

2. Shoulder Push Press 

The dumbbell push press is regarded as one of the most essential shoulder exercises because it exercises the deltoids.

3. Bench Press

If you want a strong upper body, the dumbbell bench press is an excellent exercise for your upper arms and torso. 

4. Arnold Press

The Arnold press is a variation of the traditional shoulder press and an excellent dumbbell exercise that targets important upper body muscles.

5. Cross-Body Hammer Curl 

The cross-body hammer curl, which targets the muscles in your upper arms and forearms, is a simple exercise that can be performed at the gym or at home. 

6. Bent-Over Row

The bent-over row is a popular dumbbell exercise that works the back, shoulders, and triceps.

7. Lying Dumbbell Fly

The action of the supine dumbbell fly is quite similar to that of the bench press. 

Lying Dumbbell Fly

The primary difference, however, is that the lying dumbbell fly employs a different motion pattern that targets the shoulder joint muscles. 

8. Goblet Squat 

The Goblet squat is one of the finest options for a workout with dumbbells that targets both the legs and the abs. 

Goblet Squat 

The exercise can also be used to strengthen lower-body muscle groups such as the calves, quadriceps, and buttocks.

9. Weighted Dumbbell Lunges 

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10. Lateral Raises

The lateral raise is one of the finest exercises for developing shoulder muscles, particularly the deltoids

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