Best High-fiber Snacks For Weight Loss

1. Crunchy Chickpeas

Beans are the ideal health food because they are inexpensive, versatile, and filling.

Crunchy Chickpeas

However, since it is highly improbable that you will choose a can of beans as a snack, you will need to be inventive when incorporating them into your routine.

2. Oatmeal With Berries

1/4 cup of steel-cut oats and 1/3 cup of blueberries contain 7.2 grams of fiber.

Oatmeal With Berries

Individually, oats and berries are fiber powerhouses, but when combined, they surpass all other sustenance options.

3. Broccoli With Hummus

Hummus is traditionally prepared from chickpeas (along with tahini, olive oil, garlic, and salt), so it is naturally high in fiber.

Broccoli With Hummus

The combination of white beans, black beans, and pinto beans makes for a tasty and diverse lunch.

4. Avocado Toast

You do not need to be a millennial to appreciate this combination, but you must be interested in fiber. 

Avocado Toast

The avocado's fat will help you feel satisfied longer, which is essential for weight loss.

5. Energy Bites

Because store-bought energy morsels are frequently loaded with sugar, you may want to make your own. 

Energy Bites

Consider preparing a large batch and portioning them out for snacks throughout the week.

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