Best Tattoo Ideas for Men Who Love Ink

1. Rose

A rose tattoo is a timeless design for both men and women, and for good reason.

2. Human Skull

A human cranium is another uncontested tattoo classic, as it is both a morbid reminder of mortality and a badass piece of ink.

3. Quote

Whether it's a life motto or a phrase your father always said, a quote tattoo is always a good idea—as long as the words are spelled accurately.

4. Iconic Heart and Banner

A heart and banner of traditional design endure the test of time due to the simplicity of their tribute.

5. Strong, Fierce Animal

If you want to be ultra-masculine, nothing says "tough guy" more than a tattoo of a strong, fierce animal.

6. Spiderweb

Spiderweb tattoos, another classic piece of design, first gained popularity among those "tangled" in the criminal justice system.

7. Roman Numerals

In lieu of tattooing a numeric birthdate or year, it may be more aesthetically appealing to convert that number into Roman numerals.

8. Horror Movie

Horror film tattoos are ideal for the ghoulish fanatic who wishes every day were Halloween.

9. Nautical

Sailors are primarily credited with bringing tattooing from Polynesian and indigenous Asian communities to the Western hemisphere.


Maritime motifs, such as ships, anchors, wheels, lighthouses, and compasses, are common in tattooing, particularly in traditional designs.

10. Song Lyrics

Tattooing a particularly meaningful song lyric is a way to honor the significance of a song without continually singing it.

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