Do These Exercises Over 40 To Reduce Stubborn Body Fat

By Robert J. Matthews

1. Power Walk 

Step into a world of fat-burning goodness with the simplest exercise - walking! Lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement for a brisk power walk. 

Not only does it torch calories, but it's also gentle on your joints. Pro tip: crank up your favorite tunes for an extra boost.


Rev up your metabolism with HIIT sessions tailored for the 40-plus crowd. 

Quick bursts of intense exercises followed by short rests keep your heart pumping and your body torching fat long after the workout is done. 

3. Yoga

Bid farewell to rigid joints and stubborn fat simultaneously with yoga.

Tailored poses for your age group help improve flexibility, reduce stress, and trim down that belly fat. 

4. Strength Training

Don't be afraid to lift those weights! Strength training is your ticket to increased muscle mass and a faster metabolism. 

Target those trouble spots with a routine that's as empowering as it is effective.

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