Dynamic Bodyweight Exercises For Optimal Weight Loss

1. Squats

In order to perform a squat, you will assume the same athletic posture as you would for a lunge.


From this position, bend your ankles and squat until your legs form a 90-degree angle.

2. Step Ups

Step-ups, another leg exercise, are excellent bodyweight exercise that burns calories and tone muscles.

Step Ups

After exploding upward, you will descend and reset before performing the same motion with your right limb.

3. Mountain Climbers

In order to perform a mountain climber, begin in plank position. 

Mountain Climbers

Prepare to bring the opposite knee up to your midsection as your knee extends backward toward the ground.

4. Stair Climbs

To conduct a stair climb, a flight of stairs is required.

Stair Climbs

If you reside in a two-story home or condominium with stairs, the issue is resolved. 

5. Wall Sits

Wall holds are another effective way to target your lower body and back muscles using only your own body weight.

6. Lunge Jumps

A lunge jump is performed similarly to a regular lunge, but with a minor modification at the end. 

Lunge Jumps

You begin in the same manner as if you were performing a normal lunge, lunge in the same manner.

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