foods that surprisingly taste better frozen

1. Applesauce

 You can put away a cup of sauce and reheat it for a frozen treat.

2. Bananas

Frozen bananas are sweeter, therefore some people like them for their taste and texture.

3. Blueberries

You can freeze blueberries in the carton or buy them pre-frozen and enjoy them as a cold snack.

4. Cheesecake

If you don't like cheesecake frozen, just thaw it and eat it as usual.

5. Chocolate

In warmer months, chocolate must be frozen or refrigerated to avoid melting.

6. Chocolate chip cookies

Just trust us. When you make chocolate cookies, freeze a few for a few hours.

7. Clementines

This fruit freezes well due to its high water concentration and compact size.

8. Girl Scout Cookies

Because they're thin, Girl Scout Cookies freeze well and taste great cold.

9. Grapes

The high water content makes them mushy, making them a nutritious summer snack.

10. Iceberg lettuce

You might have been cautioned against freezing iceberg lettuce since it defrosts more slowly than other types of lettuce.

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