Highest-quality Foods For The Mediterranean Diet

By Robert J. Matthews


A plate filled with leafy greens is an excellent addition to the Mediterranean Diet.

Anti-cancer properties of PEITC are supported by the available evidence, which makes it an evident choice for those wishing to reduce their cancer risk.


In addition to lentils, dried peas, and chickpeas, pulses consist of the consumable seeds of plants in the legume family.

Integral to the Mediterranean diet is the consumption of pulses. 

Lean beef

Beef is often associated with negative connotations, and by the Mediterranean Diet, beef intake should be restricted. 

However, empirical evidence indicates that a Mediterranean diet can accommodate a greater quantity of beef, particularly lean beef portions, provided that it is consumed appropriately.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is highly esteemed in the Mediterranean diet on account of its plethora of health advantages and its opulent, unique flavor.

In addition to being a highly esteemed cooking medium, it is also renowned for its ability to improve the flavor and consistency of dishes.

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