Lions Re-sign 'compact And Stout' Running Back

By Scott

Lions' Practice Squad Update: On December 13, the Detroit Lions addressed a vacancy in their practice squad by re-signing defensive tackle Chris Smith.

 Chris Smith was initially signed to the Lions' practice squad at the beginning of the season but was released on September 20.

Smith's return follows the departure of defensive lineman Quinton Bohanna, who signed with the Tennessee Titans on the same day.

Described as a "compact and stout" defensive tackle, Smith's strengths lie in his run-defending abilities, but there's a noted weakness in his pass-rushing skills.

Smith's football journey includes being undrafted out of Notre Dame. He joined the Lions as an undrafted free agent on April 29 after four years at Harvard.

Bohanna, who Smith is replacing, had been with the Lions since training camp and played in three games during the 2023 season, starting two of them.

Despite projections to join the active roster, especially with another defensive tackle, Alim McNeill, on injured reserve.

Bohanna started his NFL career as a sixth-round pick for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2021 NFL draft.

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