List of the Top 12 Tattoos for Men

1. Small Tattoo

If this is your first or second tattoo, it is probably wisest to opt for a modest design.

2. Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos incorporate centuries of symbolism, tradition, culture, and machismo.

3. Linework

Occasionally, the best tattoos for males are the simplest ones.

4. Lion

Animal imagery can convey a great deal of significance, and a lion tattoo is no exception.

5. Wolf

The wolf is one of the greatest animals, so it naturally makes for one of the coolest tattoos.

6. Owl Tattoo

Being predominantly nocturnal, the owl evokes all sorts of ancient and mysterious connotations.

7. Phoenix

If you have surmounted difficult obstacles in life, the phoenix may be your chosen personal symbol.

8. Dragon Tattoo

Consider becoming the child with the dragon tattoo, whether you're a fantasy fanatic or simply enjoy the concept of awesome fire-breathing creatures.

9. Compass

When it comes to the most popular tattoos for males, the classic compass is overlooked and undervalued.

10. 3D Tattoo

Men's tattoos with style A well-executed 3D ink job is the coolest possible design.

11. Star

The star design, one of the best small tattoos for males, is becoming more popular than ever.

12. Portrait Tattoo

One method to honor a special person in your life is to have a tattoo of his or her portrait permanently imprinted on your skin.

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